About Us Peralinas

Peralinas takes us to a world full of color and warmth, where beauty is a feeling of something that lasts, something that is transmitting the maternal strength is tireless and is renewed in every generation. Peralinas is a delicious combination of classic style and color, with cheerful prints. Is a kidswear brand, whose wardrobe treasures charming designs will make children feel unique.

Exclusive and always different

Peralinas creates top quality garments and designs, for their relevance, surprise. The limited number of garments made product exclusivity ensures making them unique pieces. Alexander the possibility of boring repetition and developing a minimum number of models, empower innovation of new designs.

Welcome to Peralinas world and hope to be part of yours.

There was once a magical place called Peralinas in which with much love creating beautiful things for babies and moms. Jackets, coats, dresses and more. All top quality todito